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Jenny Balee (Fluent Thai & English languages)
A natural born leader in-the-field. Jenny is a graduate of Film school and a Thailand Film Office  Licensed International Film Coordinator, A Royal Thailand Air-force licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone Pilot & an extraordinary Production Manager/Line Producer/Fixer. Be it a feature film with 800 people on set or a small corporate video, Jenny takes charge, and her specialty is  solving unexpected-problems. Jenny has a can-do attitude and a never-give-up approach to any challenge. Our customers love Jenny because they can rely on her. Jenny makes sure our clients get the results that they need and came to Thailand to get.

Jenny Balee, General Manager Phuket Video Productions

Jenny (Jintana) Balee, Film Coordinator, Production Manager, Fixer
Licensed International Film Office Coordinator (Entry here) from the Thailand Film Office.
Licensed Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Pilot. Licensed by The Royal Thai Air-force. A member of 
FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) 
SAE Film Institute Thailand. (Bangkok Campus) Courses & Studies.                                     
Fluent in Thai & English

Welcome to Phuket Video Productions, a Filmbase Company, fist established in 2010 to address the explosive growth in internet video and the absolute need for companies to be aware of the the potential positive impact internet video can have on their company.

Our focus is  Southern Thailand and we have our office on the beautiful Island of Phuket.

We have worked hard and have grown our capabilities by producing high quality video and film productions for a very wide range of industries, assignment types and clients from around the world. 90% of our clients are international. including BBC, CNN, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, Microsoft, and Harley Davidson to name just a few.

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